Operations :
  • We specialize in supply chain management of Raw Cashew nut, Sesame Seed, Dry Split Ginger, Gum Arabic, Hibiscus Flower, Bird Eye Chili, and Shea Nut from remote growing places to our processing houses. For Sesame Seed, Sorghum, Soybean, we have our processing cleaning machines with a capacity of 150 MT per day that can clean up to 99.8 % purity.
  • We have well equipped Laboratory and chemicals to carry out any test for received goods as well as for the final goods meant for exports.
  • Our strong and long presence in West Africa makes us the trusted leader in the business of Agro Commodities. We have a team of specialized traders and inspectors to fulfill our commitment of timely shipment of high quality goods cargo. The key to our competitiveness and success is the trust and confidence of our supplier as well as our final buyers that we have earned during last fifteen years.
  • Our own warehouses and presence of our team members at different locations ensures our complete control over the quality and logistics.

Processing Plant :
For Sesame seed we have
  • Color sortexed machine with a capacity of 20 MT per day.
  • Cleaning Machine with rotating and flat sheive gravitation separator, destoner with a capacity of 140 Mt per day.

For Dry Split Ginger we have a washer, splitter and drier with a capacity of 200 Mt per day that produces the best quality product with uniform thickness, free from any foreign matter, mould and aflotoxin.


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